Data Driven Decisions Made Easy

Data is the key to making better business decisions, but getting that data in one place and analysing it in a meaningful timeframe is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Oscar provides the answers to these challenges by making it easy to pull in data from a variety of sources and automating and combining machine learning with predictive analytics, making advanced analytics easily accessible for business users. With Oscar the complex coding required to run machine learning and predictive analytics is hidden and automated behind the browser. Using Oscar any user can use machine learning to recognize patterns and find insights in their data, quickly. Make your decisions and business data driven with Oscar.


Fast Insights for Business Users

Sometimes making the best decision isn't just about the analytics but how quickly you can do it. Oscar allows users of any skillset to use standard statistics, predictive analytics and machine learning quickly without the fuss of coding. All Oscar's functions are point and click allowing non-technical users to analyse big data volumes without needing to learn code or contact IT. The interactive data visualizations cross filter automatically and the drill down capabilities allow users to find buried insights. This removes a major barrier preventing business users from exploring data in their own time and rapidly speeds up the decision process. Automated analytics and interactive visualisations further speed up the time to insight. Bring data driven decisions into the everyday life of your business, and do it quickly.


Empower with Powerful Features

The most important task of a data scientist is discovering the hardest to find insights that keep your business moving forward. With the Data Scientist edition, Oscar's advanced users are empowered to work faster and more efficiently. Save time with automated workflows and easy data wrangling and focus on moving the business forward. Use Oscar's data workshop to perform complex processes with ease such as joins, creating predictive models and more. With these features advanced users can manipulate their data more easily than before, opening up more time for the advanced jobs only data scientists can do. Make gathering insights the core of your data strategy.


Aggregate and Scale to Big Data

To make the best possible decision you need to be able to analyze all your data in one place. With Oscar you can pull in data from a variety of different sources and join them in a single storydashboard to uncover insights and correlations not possible from a single dataset. Oscar's big data architecture also means it will scale with your business and data concerns. Powered by Spark Streaming, the latest data processing innovation, Oscar provides highly scalable, fault-tolerant processing. This ensures that you'll be making decisions based on insights that take into account real-time and batch data. Oscar's flexibility means it can also run on top of Hadoop so that all businesses can start making better decisions.


Create your Own Data Stories

Finding insights is only one part of the decision-making process, just as important is presenting them in a way that convinces the decision makers in your organisation. Use Oscar to tell your data story in the most compelling way possible with unique interactive storydashboards. By combining self-service, on-demand visual queries and ad hoc analytics in a browser a storydashboard allows users to build a narrative around their data. An expanding white canvas lets users lay out their story without boundaries, so it is logical, clear and most importantly compelling. Use infographics and media to add depth to your narrative. Collaborate by sharing storydashboards and insights on personal and group levels with ease. Create a culture of data awareness in your business and put compelling stories in the hands of decision makers.

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