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Aerospace & Defence

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Persistent Surveillance

Our solution brings together multiple static and dynamic surveillance data sources in real-time, outputting predictions with high degrees of accuracy. The solution mitigates the effects of data deluge on military surveillance analysts by providing advanced autonomous functions, facilitating the dissemination of critical insight and intelligence across the chain of command via an interactive data dashboard. 


Open Information

A solution to share and action data across a business or organisation, including with operators/planners, national stakeholders, industry partners, and data scientists all whilst maintaining the security of the data, IP and export controls. In as near real-time as possible. Blends machine learning-driven business rules and a big data architecture. Crucially provides a base for data insights and promotes the use of AI and analytics. 


White Paper: Engineering Explainability in
Oscar Enterprise AI

At Massive Analytic, we’ve made explainability core to our Oscar Enterprise AI platform, to engender trust and enable adoption into the enterprise. In this white paper, learn how through product features and engineering research we’re making this concept real. 


White Paper: Engineering ML Ops in Oscar Enterprise AI

The creation of an extemely accurate prediction model isn’t the end of the enterprise machine learning workflow. Until the model actually drives real-world actions, no business value has been created. In this white paper learn how MLops  enables AI deployments and helps create this value. 

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