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"Knowing The Outcome Possibilities of your Campaigns with Artificial Precognition"

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

"...and by my prescience I find my zenith doth depend upon a most auspicious star Prospero in The Tempest by William Shakespeare."

The auspicious star of the moment is Big Data. It is difficult to open a business magazine that is not running at least one story on how Big Data is set to transform business. Artificial Precognition is a new branch of artificial intelligence that accelerates discovery in Big Data by automatically discerning evolving patterns, extracting business rules and initiating action.

Artificial Precognition tells you what are the most important influencers on your key business metrics and it is not biased by human preconceptions, it is unaffected by brilliant presentation or political considerations. It shows the business rules that underpin your business and when coupled with streaming data analysis can tell you when these rules are starting to change.

Now in Google's famous phrase more data beats better algorithms this is a powerful phrase at the heart of the Big Data revolution so Artificial Precognition uses all the data to produce simple and hence actionable insight. We all know that simple answers beat complex answers.

Customer insight is an area where Artificial Precognition will make a big impact.

Customer Insight teams in large companies use analytics to understand customer behaviour and develop tailored just in time sales and marketing campaigns. Making sense of customer behaviour is challenging. There are many tools available to customer insight professionals that require deep knowledge of statistics and specialist training. The large volume of data, its great variety and the demand for right time marketing, mass customisation and personalisation means that the current costs for gaining actionable customer insights are very high. Applied to customer insight, Artificial Precognition reduces the need for multiple tools and specialist expertise by automating many of the customer insight activities performed by statisticians, thereby reducing costs.

Artificial Precognition combines fuzzy logic, machine learning and possibility theory with advanced analytics and sentiment analysis to deliver customer insight solutions. It changes the approach of companies towards customer insight. Hand crafted datasets will no longer be necessary. All parties can see the data and understand the logic that drives the recommendations and how these drive outcomes.

Artificial Precognition analyses the data in the optimal way and reports in a fashion that maximises understanding. Uniquely, Artificial Precognition uses artificial intelligence to generate the underlying rules. These rules are then periodically re-evaluated to ensure that they have not changed, alerting users when significant variation is detected.

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Yumi Vega
Yumi Vega
Dec 20, 2022
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