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Massive Analytic hires new head of Health and Agriculture to deploy precognitive AI solutions

Massive Analytic, the fast growing precognitive AI company are pleased to announce and welcome Dr Paul De Sousa who joins as its new Health and Agriculture Customer Success Director.

Dr De Sousa’s arrival marks the expansion of Massive Analytic’s life science offering by leveraging its patented precognitive analytics products, Oscar, Nethra and Aftos, to offer bespoke solutions to the life science industry.

Developing and delivering more precise and effective medical interventions to anticipate, diagnose and treat diseases and recover from injuries demands the ability to effectively interpret, interrelate and apply knowledge and data. Such data spans the entire breadth of fundamental and applied research in model and human systems and the interaction of this research with real works environments at the populations and individual level.

Artificial Intelligence offers the unprecedented ability to utilise this knowledge more rapidly and effectively than ever before. This can only be expedited when it is guided by the dynamic interplay between data scientists, researchers and end users across various fields.

Dr De Sousa joins Massive Analytic from the University of Edinburgh. Prior to that the he was at the Roslin Institute for 22 years where he led basic and applied animal biotechnology and human stem cell research and more recently neuroscience research. Dr De Sousa co-founded several human pluripotent stem cell manufacturing companies, Roslin Cells Ltd and Censo Biotechnologies, that have yielded stem cell resources for advanced cell therapy and discovery for regenerative medicine to treat degenerative diseases, including Huntington’s Disease.

For the last two years Dr De Sousa has led collaborative research using Massive Analytics’ proprietary Artificial Precognition platforms at the University of Edinburgh Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences to develop proof of concept projects that demonstrate interrelating biomarkers in complex neurodegenerative disease.

This builds on Massive Analytics’ work in healthcare including a project in collaboration with the NHS and the National Wound Care Strategy Programme that helped develop an AI predictive system using Oscar and Nethra platforms to produce personalised care recommendations for chronic lower limb wounds such as leg ulcers.

George Frangou, Founder & Group CEO of Massive Analytic said, “We are excited to welcome Paul to Massive Analytic and head up our life sciences division. We have already conducted a number of interesting projects in the healthcare and life sciences space, but we can see a great opportunity to utilise our platforms and bring tangible improvements to decision making in these sectors.”

Dr Paul De Sousa said, “Having collaborated with Massive Analytic for the past two years, I was driven to join them and help realise the vision of integrating its powerful data science, image analysis and robotics AI products with an end-to-end integration of data and knowledge, from discovery to the end application. I am joining with the confidence that Massive Analytic is uniquely placed to offer solutions to the challenges in the life science sector based on its successes to date.”

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