Solve any Data Challenge

Three platforms converge to solve complex issues with multiple data types and stunning accuracy.

Massive Analytic's patented technology, Artificial Precognition, delivers exceptional and explainable results, with incredible predictive accuracy in all tested use cases, all in the packaging of a general AI, not an overfit model. For example, predicting the early onset of Alzeihmers from blood biomarkers with 91% accuracy even in asymptomatic  individuals.


This technology is offered in integrated, versatile AI suites built around all users, not just data scientists. With rich features to tackle the most difficult data challenges and support decisions that drive revenue, increase productivity and reduce risk. 

Not one but three integrated AI suites

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Case Study: Identifying Cancer Cells with Machine Learning Using Oscar

The early diagnosis and prognosis of a cancer type has become a necessity in cancer treatment. Massive Analytic Limited developed new algorithms for use in precision medicine for personalised treatment of cancer victims.


Case Study: Predicting Traffic Congestion Using Oscar

In order to better manage and mitigate the impact of increased network usage,  TfL devised the Surface Intelligent Transport System (SITS) project. Using Oscar Massive Analytic was able to reduce delays on London roads by 30 minutes. 

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