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Three platforms built to transform businesses, markets and economies

Massive Analytic Limited has created a suite of platforms to democratise big data insights and reduce uncertainty using AI, to create a digital transformation on a socio-economic scale

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A Platform for AI-as-a-Service

Massive Analytic has developed its product Oscar:DataScience  to empower businesses to digitally transform their operations with AI. 

With the patented AI technology Artificial Precognition at its core, Oscar makes sense of big noisy data and takes the uncertainty out of decision making with unique algorithms blending together possibility theory, machine learning and statistics. What's more the entire process, from pulling in the data from multiple sources, to getting the insights and then controlling the business processes can be completely automated by Oscar for seamless data driven decisions. 

By providing AI-as-a-Service, Massive Analytic enables businesses to take full advantage of the potential locked away in their data.


Live Predictions From Video Data​

Nethra:VideoAnalytics uses deep learning to analyse and predict actions in live and batch video data.


By training the deep learning algorithms on hours of footage Nethra can automatically recognise  actions in live video and even predict when they're likely to occur. 


These actions can be as different as an emerging fight or someone using their phone while driving. Nethra’s video analytics software will pick up visual information the human eye would miss and it does it across multiple simultaneous video feeds, freeing valuable manpower for more practical jobs that only a human can perform.

Nethra is the next step in video analytics technologies able to transform the operations of any business that relies on video surveillance. 


Integrated Onboard AI Chipset for Next-Generation CAVs

Aftos:Robotics is the newest technology being developed by Massive Analaytic. An integrated AI chipset, it will enable to automated control of machines with Massive Analytics AI technologies.


Based on the patented Artificial Precongition, Aftos enables on-the-fly management, automated control and optimisation of data from sensors and other systems – for safe self-driving and movement in urban or hazardous environments. More than this Artificial Precognition, the AI behind Aftos, is able to intuitively anticipate and react to surroundings.

The future of automous machines is here with Aftos.


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