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Rules for the Preparation of Dissertation Research in the Positions of Researchers

To date, persons who meet certain requirements can be applicants for scientific degrees. For example, persons who have received a higher education not lower than a master's degree can count on obtaining the degree of "candidate of sciences". Only paytowritepaper holders of a certain scientific reputation – “candidate of sciences” – can apply for the “Doctor of Science” degree.

Often, dissertations are completed by combining the process of writing and preparing a study with work. In order to ease the burden of applicants for scientific degrees for university employees who already have a “candidate of science” behind them and who are applying for a new title of “doctor of science”, they can apply for a “sabbatical leave” and calmly prepare a study for defense. The duration of this leave should not exceed 6 months.

Applicants for a scientific degree must write an application addressed to the rector at the place of their main job, attaching a research plan and a list of their published works to it.

Candidates of Sciences can apply for a transfer to scientific positions. This process is accompanied by the corresponding order of the rector of the educational institution. Within a certain period of time (as long as the person holds the position of a researcher), the dissertation must be fully completed and prepared for defense.

Applicants for a "doctoral degree" may be "seconded" to other educational institutions. Universities that agreed to “attach” a researcher are obliged to provide him with everything necessary: organize scientific consultations, provide materials and access to the library, finance the course of the study (if required and provided for by the contract). If necessary, to control the process of "learning" and conduct research, a "curator" with a scientific degree "Doctor of Science" or a professor can be attached to a researcher.

The issue of extending or terminating the agreement on transfer to the position of a researcher is considered by the academic council of the university. This body should receive an annual report from the "seconded" person, evaluate his success and progress, analyze his knowledge base, skills, etc. It should be noted that persons transferred to the position of "researcher" and attached to the university have the right to enter doctoral studies on a general basis and study on a budgetary basis.

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