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Smart Cities

Turn passive CCTV into a proactive tool and drive better outcomes

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Health and Safety

Nethra has been trained to address a variety of health & safety use cases to protect employees and the public. This includes identifying when staff are not wearing PPE, spotting costly slips, trips and falls, lone worker monitoring and whether no-walk zones are observed. Nethra’s detection also extends to vehicles, such as identifying speed limits and breaches of safety procedures; such as construction vehicles reversing without a banksman.



In today’s world where security is often a major concern for employers, Nethra has you covered. Use cases include intruder detection, identifying loitering, automatic assessment of perimeter fence condition, exclusion zone breaches, aggressive behaviour detection (including against staff), equipment/material movement out of hours and anomalous behaviour.


Facilities Management

Nethra is a solution for facilities management, able to monitor and provide insights on a number of different use cases. This includes on-site dwell times for vehicles, equipment and materials.  Combined with health and safety alerts, for example when someone is on machinery when they shouldn’t be. Nethra can also provide insights and alerts on usage around designated parts of a commercial environments such as receptions or no entry and secure locations. 


Public Space Usage Management 

Using Nethra, operators can set-up lines of interest in parts of the camera frame to capture volumetric insights. This can be the doorways of shops, the entrance to an arcade or sections of a road, and the movement of people within a retail environment. The data captured by Nethra can be exported or presented in various ways to provide insights to on people flow analysis (dwell times, flow throughout facility, start-to-finish visit analysis), vehicle movement analysis (speed, direction, density, classification) to help drive advertising, retail and more. 


White Paper: Engineering Explainability in
Oscar Enterprise AI

At Massive Analytic, we’ve made explainability core to our Oscar Enterprise AI platform, to engender trust and enable adoption into the enterprise. In this white paper, learn how through product features and engineering research we’re making this concept real. 


White Paper: Engineering ML Ops in Oscar Enterprise AI

The creation of an extemely accurate prediction model isn’t the end of the enterprise machine learning workflow. Until the model actually drives real-world actions, no business value has been created. In this white paper learn how MLops  enables AI deployments and helps create this value. 

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