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Oscar Enterprise AI

Understand your data better, choose your action and deploy as a fully automated workflow.


De-risk your decision-making with Explainable AI

Not a black box like traditional AI…

The biggest stumbling block to the adoption of AI in the enterprise is the the risk of being held accountable for decisions that aren’t properly understood. Yet, in today's digital world, businesses can't afford to sit on the fence when it comes to AI or competitors who use AI to make data-driven decisions will overtake them. We designed Oscar Enterprise AI with explainability in mind. We make complex machine learning models completely traceable and interpretable to business users. De-risking enterprise decision making.

Explainable A

Create lasting business value with ML Ops

The most important step of model deployment, is deployment...

Your business doesn't stay the same, so why should your model? The creation of an accurate prediction model isn't the end of the enterprise machine learning workflow. Until the model drives real-world actions, there is no business value. A mediocre and deployed model will realise more business value than a superb model that's undeployable; and a model that isn’t managed correctly will erode trust and introduce risk into your business. From this perspective, Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops) is the essential step in realising a models business value and is essential for any enterprise looking to employ machine learning. 

ML Ops

Drive business value by seeing the future

Oscar is a frontend for Artificial Precognition…

Precognition is the ability to foresee the future, not just predict it but see exactly what’s going to happen. In film and TV this ability is supernatural, in the real world Massive Analytic achieves this with advanced mathematics. Our patented technology is Artificial Precognition; it's an AI that predicts with such uncanny accuracy it's like "seeing the future". Take the future of your business into your own hands with more accurate predictions and make better and more impactful decisions to drive business value with Artificial Precognition. 

Artifical Precognition

White Paper: Engineering Explainability in
Oscar Enterprise AI

At Massive Analytic, we’ve made explainability core to our Oscar Enterprise AI platform, to engender trust and enable adoption into the enterprise. In this white paper, learn how through product features and engineering research we’re making this concept real. 


White Paper: Engineering ML Ops in Oscar Enterprise AI

The creation of an extemely accurate prediction model isn’t the end of the enterprise machine learning workflow. Until the model actually drives real-world actions, no business value has been created. In this white paper learn how MLops  enables AI deployments and helps create this value. 

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