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Global Vision

Massive Analytic is driving change in markets across the world with its AI platforms

Massive Analytic is a growing genuine AI company, with a vision to change the way we interact with data all the while maintaining responsible and explainable AI development. With patented Al and deep learning IP Massive Analytic has developed algorithms and software for predicting the future with incredible accuracy across multiple industries, including smart cities, aerospace & defence, and connectivity.


Massive Analytic’s flagship product, Oscar Enterprise AI is an end-to-end platform integrating a code-free AI engine with data management, curation, and analysis. The unique capability to integrate Oscar with video analytics (Nethra) and process automation (Aftos) enables Massive Analytic to tackle complex use cases in a wide variety of sectors. While the patented technology underpinning these technologies, Artificial Precognition, delivers incredible results across industries and use cases.


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Patented Power

Check out Massive Analytic's suite of AI platforms and find out more about how Massive Analytic can make a difference in your business.

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