The Video Analysis Platform 40% Faster than the Competition

Turn passive CCTV and video into a smart and proactive tool for health & safety, security and managing public spaces with Nethra.


Faster than the Competition - Model detection speeds exceed all known competitors by at least 40%.

GDPR Compliant - Protect privacy with innately GDPR compliant features such as Virtual Reality (VR) UX.

Deep Learning - Identify numerous behaviours and incidents live from video.

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Nethra has been trained to identify and alert for a wide variety of different use cases, ranging from falls, to car crashes to left luggage.

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"Because we understand how to manage uncertainty we can create better outcomes, more accurate outcomes..." Group CEO & Founder George Frangou


Case Study: Identifying Cancer Cells with Machine Learning Using Oscar

The early diagnosis and prognosis of a cancer type has become a necessity in cancer treatment. Massive Analytic Limited developed new algorithms for use in precision medicine for personalised treatment of cancer victims.

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A GDPR compliant deep learning platform that saves time in high pressure environments with rapid video analysis and prediction.