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Beta Launch of Oscar Delivers the World’s First Artificial Precognition Analytics Platform

LONDON, UK – April 22, 2015 - Massive Analytic, a start-up specialising in innovative precognitive enterprise analytics, today launched the open beta phase of its ground breaking Oscar platform. This is the first time the company’s patented Artificial Precognition (AP) application has been made broadly available to enterprises that want to analyse their business decisions and predict their outcomes more accurately.

George Frangou, founder, president and executive chairman of Massive Analytic, explained, “Oscar brings AI to analytics. It enables decision makers to take decisions with more confidence of success because it enables outcomes of decisions to be understood before they are taken. Oscar AP offers enterprises the opportunity for better outcomes in terms of increased revenue and lower cost, as well as identifying previous undetected revenue opportunities.”Beta partners will be able to experience the power of Oscar, which runs on native Hadoop, to see how it can benefit their businesses. It acts like a trusted advisor who knows the company inside and out to discover the likelihood of success for business plans. Artificial Precognition can also help by discovering golden nuggets of information which would otherwise be overlooked to reveal new possibilities or show hidden flaws and unforeseen circumstances that could lead to failure.

One of the early adopters in the Oscar closed beta programme is the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC), which represents the 23 train operating companies (TOC) and works in partnership with Network Rail. ATOC co-ordinates the passenger information systems and is constantly seeking ways to improve the customer travelling experience.

Nick Wilson, technical architect of customer information strategy at ATOC, commented, “We have been working closely with Massive Analytic for a while now, following closely the development of Oscar and providing feedback to the team about the business challenges we face. We are excited about the opportunities Oscar AP offers, including a better understanding of the root causes of disruptions and how it can help us to gain a thorough understanding of our customer base so we can serve them better.”

Oscar is the first analytics platform to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) alongside big data access to examine a broader picture of an enterprise’s performance that goes beyond the limitations of internal corporate data. Its functionality transcends current analytics applications by combining the AI precognitive processes within a browser-based dashboard that can be configured by decision-makers without the need to learn SQL.

At the heart of Oscar is the patented Artificial Precognition technology, providing knowledge of possible events and outcomes before they occur for all kinds of data: structured, textual, image, video and audio. It is powered by Spark, the latest big data technology, to ensure it delivers insights accurately based on real-time or batch data to provide a fast, scalable and efficient solution to growing data concerns.

The platform can be deployed on-premise or as a single client or multitenanted private cloud in any of three specialist versions, depending on the needs of the user. The Data Scientist Edition is aimed at professionals who want total control to build tailored, optimised, analytical workflows for business users. The Studio Edition allows decision makers to build “Story” dashboards displaying key information in real-time and in a format that suits their working practices. The Viewer Edition is for executive-level access to the Story dashboards that give them their own job- specific view of company operations with full drill-down access to underlying trends and more specific information.

The browser-based Story dashboard is the primary interface between the user and Oscar’s comprehensive insights for all Editions. Its informational widgets can be dragged and dropped into place around the screen to suit individual project requirements or personal preferences. Non-technical users can add customised functions through simple dialog boxes while the underlying SQL code is generated within Oscar AP. Though this code is normally hidden, data professionals can fine-tune any processes to quickly create company-specific features using raw SQL or Oscar’s visual programming environment.

From deployment, Oscar offers a deeper vision into the data that drives a company than is possible with current analysis tools. It learns and accumulates the skills of the people it works with and the AI works to discover new insights and ideas that adapt to the changes experienced as an enterprise develops.

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