Precognition Machines

With first-of-a-kind Precognition Machines, Massive Analytic reduces decision outcome uncertainty for businesses, markets and economies. Applying advanced mathematics and unique algorithms, Massive Analytic’s patented technologies lowers prediction costs by automating the processes of monetising insights from Big Data, improving confidence and machine control precision

Introducing Massive Analytic

Delivering Socio-Economic Change with AI

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Conquer Uncertainty with AI

Massive Analytic empowers its customers to make better decisions with its AI driven suite of platforms; Oscar, Nethra and Aftos. Powered by the patented Artificial Precognition, Massive Analytic provides the unique "Precognitive Analytics" allowing customers to reduce the uncertainty in their decision making.

Precognition: "Knowledge of a future event or situation, especially through extrasensory means“


Artificial Precognition: Massive Analytic's unique AI. In Artificial Precognition, 'extrasensory' is replaced with the mathematics of uncertainty for predictions with better outcomes. Proprietary algorithms predict actions under uncertainty to deliver  far greater accuracy - therefore informing better decision making.

Explore the Benefits of our First-of-a-Kind Precognitive Artificial Intelligence Platforms.


AI SaaS data science platform enabling a wide range of users to make sense of Big Data by automating deployment of machine learning algorithms.


Video analytics deep learning platform that analyses live and batch video to identify objects and predict events before they occur.


AI-on-a-Chip for intelligent data management, automated control and optimisation for robots and fully autonomous systems

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