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Enterprise Decision Making Without the Risks

Enterprise AI with better, and more explainable answers so you can achieve better, and more sustainable outcomes.

Create stunningly accurate AI workflows, that are explainable and optmised across the entire AI life cycle to achieve lasting business value.


Make better business decisions thanks to patented AI technology, Artificial Precogition. 



Get lasting value from your AI deployments with ML Ops support at every juncture.


Support AI adoption and de-risk decision making with AI that all users can interpet.

Gain a competitive edge
With a suite of products to manage uncertainty and create better and certain more outcomes.


White Paper: Engineering Explainability in
Oscar Enterprise AI

At Massive Analytic, we’ve made explainability core to our Oscar Enterprise AI platform, to engender trust and enable adoption into the enterprise. In this white paper, learn how through product features and engineering research we’re making this concept real. 


White Paper: Engineering ML Ops in Oscar Enterprise AI

The creation of an extemely accurate prediction model isn’t the end of the enterprise machine learning workflow. Until the model actually drives real-world actions, no business value has been created. In this white paper learn how MLops  enables AI deployments and helps create this value.

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